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Great Sound Made Easy Connect to your home network and connect to the Internet to enjoy music streaming The AVR-E400P is a powerful high-performance 7.1-channel AV surround receiver that lets you enjoy HD and 3D movies in remarkably spacious surround sound. This receiver is equipped with advanced video circuitry capable of upconverting 1080p video signals to 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160 pixels) video signals. Video images at this resolution are dazzlingly vibrant and sharp. With Denon's exclusive Setup Assistant, the easy-to-follow instructions on your HDTV screen help you to quickly and easily set up the ideal acoustic parameters for your listening space. In addition, you can assign 2 channels of the AVR-E400P’s 7-channel amplifier to provide amplifier power for stereo sound enjoyed in a separate room.
  • Item #: DENON AVRE400P
  • Manufacturer: DENON/MARANTZ


Price: $649.00
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