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Maximum power, 175 watts, 5 channels All-discrete output stages with equal power and identical quality on all channels Audyssey MultEQ® automatically sets the speakers to suit the room’s listening environment and the speakers’ characteristics Audyssey Dynamic EQ® improves surround effects at lower volume levels Audyssey Dynamic Volume®stabilizes volume levels for consistent sound Digitally transmitted play function for iPod and iPhone (via USB) for best sound quality Supports 1080P and 3D video pass-through High-performance 192 kHz/24-bit D/A converters for all channels Denon’s proprietary Compressed Audio Restorer, to restore sound quality from compressed music sources such as MP3 tracks Connectivity Networking with AirPlay, Pandora, Spotify and SiriusXM Internet Radio
  • Item #: denon avre300p
  • Manufacturer: DENON/MARANTZ
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: AVRE300P


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